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1. Type or paste a text in the left text box. 
2. Press a button
3. Your text has been summarized! 

Mnemonic™ will crop out any word it believes it is not needed for your text to be understood. 

Each version will have exclusive features. By now, I'm expecting Mnemonic Desktop to be able to create different types of summaries like glossaries or questionnaires and Mnemonic MV will be able to load text from a picture.

Currently available exclusive features

Mnemonic Desktop

  • Create text and PDF files.
  • Look for a selected text on the internet (temporary exclusive).

Mnemonic MV

  • Shrink text from a picture !
  • Change theme (temporary exclusive).


Download NowName your own price

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Mnemonic v0.2.0.rar 1 MB
Mnemonic MV v2.0.0.apk (Android 8 and up) 8 MB
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Haven't tried it out yet, but this sounds AMAZING for someone like me with Autism and memory issues! I've always struggled with summarizing!

I hope it works for you! The english syntax is not that much developed but I will try my best to improve it for you and everyone else. You can make me any suggestions on how to improve it or make it easier for you to work with.

I'm planning on a way to make it possible for you guys to select the proper way to replace a word, but, in the mean time you can always suggest me things like

"trim" → "cut"
"replace" → "change"
"diversity" → "variety"
"because" → ""


because could be "b/c"

Hi! Is there any way to troubleshoot Mnemonic Desktop not saving files?

Hi Andy! I'm sorry for the inconvenience. 

What kind of files are you talking about?
Exporting to PDF / txt?  

Since you said troubleshoot, I believe you mean that it happens sometimes, but not always. Can you record an example?

Thanks for the quick reply!

What kind of files are you talking about? Exporting to PDF / txt?

Neither works… in a way. After fiddling for a while, I’ve found what’s happening.

The regular installation from the itch.io client saves files to a “new user” folder under C:\Users\ called itch-player-something, which is different from my own regular user. Even though Mnemonic itself is running from my regular user folder (in %appdata%) it asks for admin rights before accessing my regular ~\Documents folder.

Is this the intended behavior? I’m relatively new to itch.io myself, so I’ve never seen this happen before. I’m also noticing that on the exported PDF the author is listed as the same itch-player-something from before.

Other than that, the program seems to work as intended. Thanks a lot!

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Nope! It's not an intended behaviour! Thanks for noticing it! I had no idea about how the itch.io client seems to make a new account on your PC. I would suggest (for the moment) to get the software through the site (on the zip) and decompress it on your Documents on your account. 

Maybe that works better? 

Or you can try to export everything to a folder that doesn't require permissions and can be used by every account on your computer (like the disk root, C:\). 

Thanks for using it! Glad you liked it! 

I would love more feedback and suggestions. I know the english syntax can be improved a lot, and I'm planning to release an update soon.

PD: Acabo de ver que ambos hablamos español, y es nuestro idioma nativo, hahahaha. El Español si esta más completo porque es mi prioridad.

Oh genial, prefiero escribir en español también :)

Voy a intentar reinstalar manualmente Y a través del cliente, para ver qué ocurre. Puedo reportarte resultados mañana después de hacer limpieza profunda de mi equipo.

Espero con ansias las actualizaciones. ¿Tienes algún sitio para sugerencias?

Por ahora no tengo un sitio para ello puedes mandarme un correo con los detalles a panebomero@gmail.com, o un mensaje / tweet a @Panebomero. Tambien puedes seguir comentando aquí pues checo esta página varias veces al día. Tengo la idea de lanzar una página de Facebook sobre la herramienta pronto, pero por ahora no existe. Cuando esté, la pondré aquí y ahí podrán mandar los mensajes más cómodamente.