Coming to the Play Store! Mnemonic MV Dusk v2 releases soon!

Mnemonic MV v2.0.0 will release on the Play Store! 

Recently I got a Google Play developer account.  This means that now I can release my apps there as well. Mnemonic MV is growing and now we have new features and a new design for the app.


💾 Save your summaries 

You can now save your summaries! The main screen now features your latest summaries, ordered from newer to older. In this menu you will be able to edit, view the result, and delete a summary. These will be saved on the device.

📄 Separation between UI and Summaries.

Spanish speaking users will be able to make summaries in English if they want, and viceversa. This will be possible because now the UI and the Summary languages are independent.

📄 Export your summary to PDF

When you get the result, you will be able to export it to PDF! Touch the button and you will get it, as simple as could be.

 🎧Report bugs, fixes and improvements

Now it is possible to send me an email through the app. If you have any problem, don't be shy and share it through that option!

↔ New replaceables

English, Español, Mnegamonic English and Mnegamonic Español will get new replaceables.

Don't forget you can...

✒ Create Summaries for English or Spanish texts
📷 You can get the text to summarize from a picture! (Experimental)
📜 You can try to extend your texts instead of shrinking (Experimental)
📑 Copy the end result to the clipboard 


I want the user to be able to set their own replaceables. This seems to be a little hard to do for now, but that new menu could become powerfull, as users would be able to delete or edit replaceables they don't relate to, or add as many as they want! Users will be able to create more languages as well.

This is all for now, just to say that Mnemonic MV Dusk v2.0.0 will be even better than before!

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